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2022 Farmers Market Application

2022 Solicitud de Vendedor del Mercado de Agricultores

2022 Farmer’s Market Rules & Regulations

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“Any entity selling potentially hazardous foods (food requiring temperature or time controls) is required to obtain a license and will be inspected.  Nonprofit groups are typically allowed 3 events per year in which they do not need a license (more than 3, and they must be licensed to operate) – they must still follow food safety practices.  Youth fundraisers and youth sport events are exempt from the food license requirements, again they still must follow food safety protocols (hand washing, gloves, temperature control, etc.).”

2022 Temporary Food Service Application

2022 Retail Food & Rec License Application

2022 Fall Frenzy Vendor Application

2022 Fall Frenzy Aplicación de Vendedor

2022 Seller’s Permit

2022 Fall Frenzy Map (Non-filled)

2022 Fall Frenzy Pie Contest Registration Sheet

2022 Clintonville Christmas Parade Registration


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