Save Local Now

Save Local Now’s mission, in conjunction with the Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce, is to support local businesses by better connecting them to the people in the Clintonville community.

Save Local Now is a one-stop digital marketing platform for businesses and chambers to better their local community.   Save Local Now provides 9 insanely easy-to-use products to help businesses reach their consumers.  The platform includes an iPhone and Android app, Deal and Event publishing, Email Marketing, SEO and lots more.  Even better, Save Local Now is completely FREE for members of the Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Customers, clients, tourists, and travelers in the Clintonville Area can download the Save Local Now app for free from iTunes or the Android market and start saving money and buying local at all their favorite places.  They can search for businesses, map locations they plan to visit, and share deals and events with their friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Save Local Now has been partnered with the Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce for over a year and we have seen tremendous success with their members.  Recently, Modern Hair Designers reach 10,000 impressions from using Save Local Now’s email marketing platform!  Save Local Now and the Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce are excited to see this continued success with the local businesses and the Clintonville community.