Peaceful River Winery and Spa


Our goal at Peaceful River Winery is to produce small batch fruit wines that taste like fresh picked fruit. Our fruit is grown locally and of the finest quality. We grow most of the fruit ourselves. The fruit that we do not grow is grown in North East Wisconsin. We are committed to using the finest quality fruit never bruised or overripe. The fruit juice is extracted only through pressing or juicing, never cooked or steamed, to preserve that fresh flavor. Every glass tastes fresh picked.


Our goal at Peaceful River Spa is to create a healing atmosphere. From the time you arrive, until the moment you leave, you will hear, smell and feel nature all around you. Taking time to refresh and replenish our physical and emotional well being, will leave you feeling more balanced and better prepared to embrace life’s challenges. At Peaceful River Spa we treat every client according to their individual needs. When your session is complete you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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E8645 Swamp Rd
Clintonville, WI 54929 United States

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